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Services and Prices


I provide a full range of beauty therapy services. I am an internationally qualified therapist with CIDESCO, Cibtac and NZIEBTH diplomas and am a member of the NZ Beauty Therapy Association. I pride myself on my friendly and dedicated enthusiasm to providing beauty care.
  • Brazilians
  • Lash extensions
  • Electrolysis
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Gel polish
  • Massage
  • Waxing
  • Bleaching
  • Red vein treatment
  • Facials

For your protection:

All instruments and tools used are Ultrasonically cleaned and then put through our Autoclave steriliser after use.


I am skilled in a range of treatments that enhance your skin and beauty care using well established procedures to attain perfect results.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic process that uses a non-invasive technique to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. 
Using an exfoliating product and a machine based suction, the skin is gently cleansed during exfoliation.

Electrolysis is a method of permanently removing unwanted hair from the face and body. Any colour of hair can be treated. A fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle with electrical current to remove the hair. All my clients have been very happy with their electrolysis results. Book in for a free consultation today.

Tired of putting up with having a rough painful experience while having a brazilian? My clients often comment that their experience with me is the best they've ever had! At Serene Indulgence, a disposable g-string is used and a new spatula used every application. There is NO re-dipping of wax sticks back into the pot. Hot wax is used and provides a better smoother result than roll on wax. A soothing oil is applied afterwards.
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For a fuller more seductive look. Semi-permanent lash extensions from lashform add a natural looking vitality to your look, for a youthful brightness like you have never seen before. Lashform lash extensions are individually bonded directly onto your natural lashes one by one for an enhanced natural look. Longer, thicker, stronger lashes, naturally. The lashfood line of revolutionary products gives users an all day and night 24-hour eyelash treatment. A natural alternative for those with not enough eyelashes. 
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Represented in over 52 countries all over the world, Phyris contains natural plant extracts, vitamins, fruit acids and mineral trace elements. The range of products cover protecting and conditioning the skin, to counteracting skin ageing and treat skin problems. Phyris has a product to suit everyone. They are medically manufactured in Germany and are not tested on animals. Phyris creates results you can see and feel.

Price List

1 hour:   $75.00
1 ½ hour:   $85.00

Diamond microdermabrasion
45-60mins:   $85.00
Prepay six for 10% discount:   $459.00
Extras – hands:   $20.00,
            - décolletage:   $20.00

½ hour back, neck and shoulders:   40.00
1 hour full body massage:   $67.00

Electrolysis Consultation
Minimum charge 10mins:   $15.00 
¼ hour:   $20.00 
½ hour:   $34.00 
1 hour:   $57.00 

Red vein
Minimum charge:   $21.00 
¼ hour:   $32.00 
½ hour:   $53.00 
Lash extensions 
Full set:   $100.00 
Full set with lash tint:   $110.00 
2 weekly maintenance:   $50.00 
3 weekly maintenance:   $55.00 
4 weekly maintenance:   $60.00 

½ leg wax:   $33.00
½ leg and b/line or u/arm:   $47.00
½ leg and back of thigh:   $44.00
Full leg wax:   $50.00
Full leg and bikini line:   $56.00
Thigh and bikini line:   $40.00
Underarm:   $22.00
Arms:   $31.00
Bikini line:   $24.00
G string line:   $30.00  -  $35.00
Bikini line and back of thigh:   $34.00
Bikini line and underarm:   $40.00
Brazilian (first):   $61.00
Brazilian (repeat under 6 weeks):   $44.00
Chest:   $34.00
Back:   $33.00
Lip or chin:   $17.00
Lip and chin:   $23.00

All prices are as shown at time of 
treatment but can be subject to change at a later date.

Tinting and shaping
Lash tint:   $20.00
Brow tint:   $15.00
Brow shape:   $17.00
Lash, brow tint and shape:   $40.00

Upper lip:   $20.00
Chin:   $22.00
Upper lip and chin:   $30.00

1 hour:   $52.00
½ hour:   $36.00
File and polish:   $30.00
File and French polish:   $34.00
1 ¼ hour manicure with gel polish:  $62.00
File and gel polish:   $45.00
Gel polish removal:   $10.00

1 hour:   $56.00
½ hour:   $37.00
File and polish:   $30.00
1 ½ hour pedicure with gel polish:   $65.00
File and gel polish:   $45.00
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